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Edward, Charles, David, George & William Babbitt

The Babbitt Brothers Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization which provides opportunities to participate in the health, education, science, arts and historic preservation of Northern Arizona communities as a way of meeting needs, giving back and enhancing the quality of life in communities where Babbitt Ranches does business.


The Foundation participates with individuals, organizations, businesses and foundations who share a common interest in supporting activities such as fitness walks/runs, food drives, student scholarships, science research and conservation projects, arts promotion and protection, and historic preservation.

Babbitt Brothers Building

The Babbitt Brothers Foundation is primarily responsible for the renovation of the Babbitt Brothers Building on Aspen Ave. and San Francisco St., which serves as a unique historical part of the community that represents the adventure of early Flagstaff and remains a legacy for future generations.


First constructed as a building- supply store in 1888, the Babbitt Brothers Building eventually grew to the size of half a city block and became Babbitt’s, Arizona’s largest department store. Slated for demolition, the original 30-foot by 70-foot sandstone building was purchased by the Foundation in 1991 and is being restored. Original stone arches on the south side of the building were numbered and replaced so that each window is situated the way it was more than a century ago. The cornice and pressed metal of the rooftop, lost in 1957, were re-manufactured and re-installed by 1997.

Heritage Square
As a member of the Heritage Square Trust, the Foundation participates in the development and oversight of Heritage Square in Flagstaff’s historic downtown district. The Trust’s goal is to make quality entertainment and artistic talent accessible to all audiences by omitting admission fees and utilizing Flagstaff’s only open- air amphitheater. Heritage Square provides an opportunity for all socio-economic backgrounds to experience professional entertainment and art, free of charge.


Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary Chapel - Flagstaff AZ Restoration Project


Babbitt Brothers Foundation is stewarding the grassroots effort to save Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary Chapel.  For more information please click on photo to the left or heading above to be redirected to the Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary Chapel

Restoration Project Site at

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