Cowboy Essence is the character and the desire to become the best that we are capable of becoming.

The cowboy culture has long been admired for many wonderful characteristics, for example; hard work, integrity, ambition, self-reliance, family values, confidence, honesty, loyalty, having a relationship with the seasons of the year, perseverance through hard times as well as gratitude during good times.

We are fortunate to have the cowboy heritage to remind us of Cowboy Essence and no matter who we are or where we are in our lives, we all have the opportunity to pursue Cowboy Essence.

We see examples of cowboy essence in all aspects of our communities, cultures and society whether in a schoolteacher, farmer, physician, family member at home, firefighter, law enforcement officer, businessperson, civil service worker, outdoor recreationist, student or rancher.

The character qualities that make up Cowboy Essence are defined in The Constitution of Babbitt Ranches and are reflected in the Babbitt Ranches core values. Since 1639, they have guided the lives and generations of the Babbitt Ranches Community.

Cowboy Essence creates that peace of mind that comes from knowing our heritage and that we are at our best.

The definition of Article III Cowboy Essence in The Constitution of Babbitt Ranches was inspired by the leadership philosophy of Hall of Fame Coach John Wooden.